Digital Art Week 4

So this week I felt inspired by the fact that it is now October and Halloween is coming up. Thus I drew a pumpkin. Kinda simplistic, but I wanted try using different shades of Orange for this. Since pumpkins have ridges in them I wanted to account for this, so i used different shades of orange to indicate the ridges. It was a new technique I wanted to try. It also llowed me to get more practice with using a stylus to draw on my tablet. Since the lines don’t alays start where I want them to I often have to zoom in to get them to connect. This is important because when I use the colour fill if there are any breaks in the drawing I could end up with an orange page instead of an orange pumpkin. To be honest I’m not entirely happy with the way it turned out, but let me know what you think. This might be another thing I try again down the road to see if I improve at all.

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