Twitter Ed Chat

Last week for EDTC 300 we participated in an ed chat on Twitter. The host would tweet out a question and those following the ed chat hashtag would respond with their answer. As an education student it was great informative to get the opinions of actual teachers on things like technology in the classroom and the ever changing role of a teacher. As for twitter itself I’m still developing an opinion on that.

You see I’m not a very active user of social media of any kind. Never have been. I do have Facebook, but I only check that for about two minutes every few days. Facebook is really the only form of social media I’ve used with any consistency for the past well…. ever. The main reason for this I would say is a lack of interest. I bear no hatred towards social media platforms, they just never really appealed to me. I got Facebook primarily out of peer pressure and then ended up not doing much with it. So I’m pretty new to Twitter to say the least.

From what I’ve seen of Twitter so far I can see the appeal. It does seem like a better way to connect with people (example: the ed chat) and it’s a lot easier to see what you want to see. As for it’s use in the classroom. The most I would probably use it for is a way to explore current events as Twitter is one place where you can find various news articles and statements from public officials.

As I said before I’m still forming an opinion on Twitter. I don’t hate it, but it’s different. It’s kinda weird for me actually. To go from being pretty much inactive on social media to having to be quite active.

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