Digital Art Week 5

This week I tried a new app for my learning project called Penup. This is actually a really neat drawing app. It allows for you to draw free hand (in other words whatever you want), or you can do a live draw. That’s when you trace over a picture drawn by the app. It goes step by step so the app draws a few lines and then you trace over them and when your ready you move on. It’s a bit of a play/ pause function. There is actually a play button to hit when you’re ready for the next step. I actually drew a cat with the live draw and it turned quite nicely.

Penupp also has monthly challenges that you can enter your drawings into. Each month has a theme, so this month is airplanes. People can draw their own image of an airplane and then submit it on the app for the challenge. You can also choose to colour as there is also a colouring section of the app. There is also a big community aspect with the app. Other users of Penup can see what you draw if you choose to post your drawings. It’s kinda like a social media platform for artists.

Monthly challenge:

Personally I really like Penup for my learning project as it gives me a way to branch out from just drawing on my own to getting involved with a larger community. Like social media platforms you can like, comment, and follow artists you’re a fan of. The live drawing is great for getting used to the tools offered on the app. One thing I didn’t mention earlier was that Penup also allows you to draw over an image. Basically you can take an image you found online or a photo you took of something and draw over it. I think it’s another great way to develop artistic skills as you get used to the various tools the app offers for drawing. Below is what you see when you actually go to draw on Penup:

I think could be a great tool in an art class as it allows the individual to choose how involved they get with the app. You don’t have to post your work. So a student who is more artsy can get very involved with the larger community, where as someone who is not as into art can just do the work they need to do. The one problem being individual student’s access to technology, but that’s where I could take aspects Penup and use them in a more low tech fashion. For example instead of using Penup’s monthly challenge I come up with my own and keep it within the class. If I have a classroom I could hang the entries on the wall and have anonymous voting with the winner getting candy or something.

Within the SAMR model I would say that Penup would fit in with augmentation this is because students would still be learning the same artistic techniques they would with pen and paper, I’m just changing how they would learn them.

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