Night of the Witch

This week for my learning project I continued with using Penup. In spirit of the Halloween season I found an image of a witch’s house (image source:

I used the image draw feature on Penup to essentially trace it. I then made it my own by colouring in the image. I made the house black with yellow windows to look like they’re glowing. I also added in a moon and night sky behind the house.

I found that using the image draw feature on Penup made it a lot easier to get the image I had in my head onto paper. I often find this difficult as I don’t have the skills yet when comes to drawing free hand. More and more I’m finding that Penup is great for beginner artists like myself.

Participatory Culture and School

Technology has changed a lot in recent years, especially in education. We’ve gone from using blackboards and overhead projectors to smart boards that are basically a computer on your classroom wall. Instead of bringing in a tv to watch a movie in class you can look it up on Youtube. A big way technology has changed is in how much more intertactive it is. To keep going with the Youtube example, anyone can upload a video to Youtube. It’s a form of media anyone can participate in. Much like social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. In An Anthropological Introduction to Youtube Michael Wesch uses the example of a teenager who recorded a video of himself dancing to Numa Numa. The video hit the internet in 2004 and with the creation of Youtube in 2005 the Numa Numa dance video had become a phenomenom with copycat videos everywhere.

Teachers need to be literate in technology. Not only because we need to use it for teaching, but because we need to set eamples for students to follow in proper use of the internet. Schools bring in experts to talk to students about how to properly conduct themselves online. I remeber during my preinternship the elementary school I was at brought in a police officer to speak to the kids about proper etiquete and safety online. Students also learn to use the technolgy they will use throughout their lives in school. As a teacher I will likely have to help students learn to use Microsoft word, Google Docs, and other technology that they will use for their work.

With technology changing and becoming increasingly participatory teachers not only have to be able to use it, but show students how to use it as well. Teaching is no longer just standing in front of a classroom explaining a subject. It now includes teaching technology to students.

Digital Art Week 5

This week I tried a new app for my learning project called Penup. This is actually a really neat drawing app. It allows for you to draw free hand (in other words whatever you want), or you can do a live draw. That’s when you trace over a picture drawn by the app. It goes step by step so the app draws a few lines and then you trace over them and when your ready you move on. It’s a bit of a play/ pause function. There is actually a play button to hit when you’re ready for the next step. I actually drew a cat with the live draw and it turned quite nicely.

Penupp also has monthly challenges that you can enter your drawings into. Each month has a theme, so this month is airplanes. People can draw their own image of an airplane and then submit it on the app for the challenge. You can also choose to colour as there is also a colouring section of the app. There is also a big community aspect with the app. Other users of Penup can see what you draw if you choose to post your drawings. It’s kinda like a social media platform for artists.

Monthly challenge:

Personally I really like Penup for my learning project as it gives me a way to branch out from just drawing on my own to getting involved with a larger community. Like social media platforms you can like, comment, and follow artists you’re a fan of. The live drawing is great for getting used to the tools offered on the app. One thing I didn’t mention earlier was that Penup also allows you to draw over an image. Basically you can take an image you found online or a photo you took of something and draw over it. I think it’s another great way to develop artistic skills as you get used to the various tools the app offers for drawing. Below is what you see when you actually go to draw on Penup:

I think could be a great tool in an art class as it allows the individual to choose how involved they get with the app. You don’t have to post your work. So a student who is more artsy can get very involved with the larger community, where as someone who is not as into art can just do the work they need to do. The one problem being individual student’s access to technology, but that’s where I could take aspects Penup and use them in a more low tech fashion. For example instead of using Penup’s monthly challenge I come up with my own and keep it within the class. If I have a classroom I could hang the entries on the wall and have anonymous voting with the winner getting candy or something.

Within the SAMR model I would say that Penup would fit in with augmentation this is because students would still be learning the same artistic techniques they would with pen and paper, I’m just changing how they would learn them.

Digital Art Week 4

So this week I felt inspired by the fact that it is now October and Halloween is coming up. Thus I drew a pumpkin. Kinda simplistic, but I wanted try using different shades of Orange for this. Since pumpkins have ridges in them I wanted to account for this, so i used different shades of orange to indicate the ridges. It was a new technique I wanted to try. It also llowed me to get more practice with using a stylus to draw on my tablet. Since the lines don’t alays start where I want them to I often have to zoom in to get them to connect. This is important because when I use the colour fill if there are any breaks in the drawing I could end up with an orange page instead of an orange pumpkin. To be honest I’m not entirely happy with the way it turned out, but let me know what you think. This might be another thing I try again down the road to see if I improve at all.

Twitter Ed Chat

Last week for EDTC 300 we participated in an ed chat on Twitter. The host would tweet out a question and those following the ed chat hashtag would respond with their answer. As an education student it was great informative to get the opinions of actual teachers on things like technology in the classroom and the ever changing role of a teacher. As for twitter itself I’m still developing an opinion on that.

You see I’m not a very active user of social media of any kind. Never have been. I do have Facebook, but I only check that for about two minutes every few days. Facebook is really the only form of social media I’ve used with any consistency for the past well…. ever. The main reason for this I would say is a lack of interest. I bear no hatred towards social media platforms, they just never really appealed to me. I got Facebook primarily out of peer pressure and then ended up not doing much with it. So I’m pretty new to Twitter to say the least.

From what I’ve seen of Twitter so far I can see the appeal. It does seem like a better way to connect with people (example: the ed chat) and it’s a lot easier to see what you want to see. As for it’s use in the classroom. The most I would probably use it for is a way to explore current events as Twitter is one place where you can find various news articles and statements from public officials.

As I said before I’m still forming an opinion on Twitter. I don’t hate it, but it’s different. It’s kinda weird for me actually. To go from being pretty much inactive on social media to having to be quite active.

Digital Art Week 3

This week I drew a face. Nothing really exciting. I found a tutorial for drawing a face on Youtube and decided to give it a try. For this I drew a circle and then one verticle and two horizontal lines in the circle. The two horizontal lines were to indicate spots for the eyes and mouth.

What I drew is a bit different from what they taught in the tutorial as they used the horizontal lines for eyes and brows. In the tutorial they actually drew a jawline under the circle for the mouth. I didn’t do this as I thought it would work better for me to keep the whole face within a contained space. I do intend to give the jawline an attempt down the road. If you want to check out the tutorial for yourself here it is:

This week was more about trying out a technique more than playing around with the app. As the point of this project is to work on my artistic abilities, not just my technological skills this seemed like a good way to use the week. The drawing is pretty rough, but the point of practice is to improve.

Finding Blogs

So this week I got an account with Feedly, which basically allows me to search for, follow, and stay up to date with various blogs. This is neat becuse it gives me one place where I can find information on world events, technology, and other topics. I actually found a few blogs to follow.

The blogs I decided to follow were chosen based on a couple of criteria. Basically I looked at a blog and thought can I use this for lesson planning and/or educating myself as those were the two criteria I used. I did break it down a bit further from there in my decision making by considering things like: what class could this be helpful in teaching, can I see myself using this information/ would it actually be helpful, and does this actually interest me.

Two of blogs i decided to follow were education technology related (Educational Technology and Free Technology for Teachers). Both of these blogs were full of resources for using technology in the classroom and teaching from home. Free technology for teachers even had a couple of articles on Google Classroom. I couldn’t think of a specific class that either of these blogs would be good resources for, however they both definitely seem to full of information i can use to educate myself.

I also decided to follow Vox, which is a news source. This one I found could both educate me and be useful in lesson planning as it is full of information on current events. Considering that at some point I will have to discuss world events with students it seems like a good idea to keep myself updated on that sort of thing.

Digital Art Week 2

For this week I don’t have a lot to report. I mostly just played around with the sketchbook app. Figuring out how to draw and use colours. I did find some inspiration for a drawing though. As I am a fan of horror movies/ stories and everything paranormal I thought I would draw something more on the creepy side. I wanted to keep it simple as I am still developing my skills with this art form, so I decided on an eye peering out from a cracked door. This was easy enough for me to do so it worked well for drawing practice and using coour to fill in spaces. I’m actually pretty happy with how it ended up. That being said there was some frustration with trying to use colour. I tried the auto fill function on the door itself, but some the lines didn’t completely connect so I ended up with a brown page instead of a brown door. I had a similar problem with filling in the fingers on the door. I did figure out how to zoom in on specific areas which allowed me to ensure all the lines were connected and in the end it ended up more or less the way I wanted.


Hi! My name is Eric and welcome to my Education Technology blog. Here I’ll be blogging about technology and it’s use in the classroom. Blogging isn’t normally my kind of thing. I don’t follow any blogs or do a lot of regular blogging myself, but I do think they can be great sources of information. Depending on what your interest is of course. There are lots of blogs out there that touch on many different subjects. Hobbies, bussiness, politics, the list goes on.

First a little about me. I am a fourth year Arts Education student at the U of R. I’m from Prince Albert, Sk. I’m a martial artist and avid reader. I’m also a bit of a theatre geek. I hope to one day be a drama teacher and in light of recent public health events (COVID19) I thought it would be best to educate myself about technology. If you want to know more here is my twitter: 

So far my experienc with technology in education has been mostly incorporating Youtube videos into lessons. I have used Google Classroom in some university classes, so I am familiar with it. Though of course that’s he point of this blog to become more familiar with technology and its use in education.

“pentas” is marked with CC0 1.0

Learning Project

During quarantine I had a lot of time to myself. I spent a lot of that time on Youtube. I actually found a whole new community of youtoubers: storytime animations. It’s like it sounds they tell stories from their lives through animation. The thing is they draw their own animations. The specific medium is called digital art. I thought this was really cool and it’s what inspired my learning project. Well that and the fact that I’m in Arts Education and my drawing skills aren’t much to speak of. You see I want to learn digital art.

If you don’t know what digital art is it’s like it sounds. Drawing on a tablet. The youtubers I mentioned before would uase professional drawing tablets, but the one I already have will do just fine. I can download apps that will let me do much the same thing as the professional ones. I actually found an app I like already called Autodesk Sketchbook. It’s a free drawing app.

My overall plan for my project is to work my drawing skills and learn to use the app through practice. There are plenty of tutorial videos on Youtube that explain drawing techniques, as well as entire channels dedicated to digital art so there are lots of resources. I’ve actually already started playing around with Autodesk and below I’m including a face I drew.

I’ll continue toupdate about my journey with digital art as I go.